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Primary Resources     Discover thousands of primary teaching resources for single and mixed aged classes in Key Stages One and Two and Reception including full schemes of work for Maths and English, sets of lesson plans for all National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education, whole class interactive PowerPoints and teaching resource packs to help support and extend classroom teaching.

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Classroom Music
Information and advice about how to use music to harmonise and develop learning and organisation in the classroom
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Winter Weather
Lesson plans and teaching ideas to help the children develop skills in all curriculum areas by investigating the effect of winter on landscapes, climate and animals

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Resources New Topics for Reception

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Mulberry Bush 
Activities to help the children read and respond to a traditional story poem

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Polar Bears 
Investigate how polar bears have adapted to living in winter conditions

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Number Search 
Identify and record the numeral for the number nine using words and digits

Resources New Topics for Key Stage One

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Bakery Donuts 
Use concrete equipment and diagrams to share sets of objects into equal groups

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Word Match 
Identify and match sets of words with the same consonant digraphs

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Body Quiz 
Learn the location and function of some of the common parts of the body

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The Gruffalo 
Use vocabulary to describe a strange creature based on a character from reading

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Practise sharing different numbers of vegetables to ten into two groups

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Investigate how living things use food and water to allow them to grow and stay alive

Resources New Topics for Key Stage Two

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Clay Tiles 
Shape and imprint clay to create an artefact reflecting Anglo-Saxon culture

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Bus Times 
Select and calculate the duration of bus journeys using times in minutes

    Resource Preview
Formal Writing 
Use formal language to write invitations and toasts for a special celebration

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Biggest Fraction 
Convert pairs of fractions to the same denominators to compare their values

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Bottle Capacities 
Practise comparing different capacities using the symbols for greater than and less than

    Resource Preview
Greek Sports 
Discuss how competitors were rewarded in the modern and ancient games

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